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Nowadays international transportation turnover increases every year. Our company FIT GROUP Ltd arranges high quality sea and truck international service for our customers on day to day basis.

Our efficient and well experienced personnel works with no problems with different modes of transport.

As an example our company FIT GROUP Ltd. arranged an export shipment from Russia to China with propellers for submarines and accessories for them.

The routing was Arkhangelsk, Russia – Vostochniy, Russia – Nansha, China.

Cargo was picked up from the shippers warehouse by truck. Afterwards it was delivered to the

Vostochniy sea port where we arranged the cargo unstuffing from trucks and packing to 40OT equipment of the shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine.

The sea transportation routing was: Vostochniy, Russia – Hong Kong, China – Nansha, China. Cargo was successfully delivered to consignee and total transit time was

40 days.

You can see the photos of this shipment below.