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FIT GROUP is a leading frozen meat supplier. The company established in 1999. We started and developed actively as a logistics company.

We have reputation of a reliable supplier of frozen meat, frozen poultry and other goods. Over the long years of work we found a lot of agents in Asia and work safely with them. Three years ago the company’s management decided to start a new line of business as frozen products trading. A factory was built near St. Petersburg – logistic center of North West of Russia. It is very easy to get here from the port of St. Petersburg. The company started working in frozen food industry.

Processing of frozen food at the plant takes place in a few days. The well-established production process allows us to quickly process orders for our customers. The plant is equipped with modern cutting machines. Also in the factory there are shock freezers and fridges. Frozen meat can be stored for some time.

Our frozen poultry traders have significant sales expertise to countries of Europe and Asia.
Products that are brought from suppliers are always fresh and of top quality. Quality of supplied raw materials is always checked by our staff. We are buying products only from trusted suppliers. If you need frozen meat delivery, you can always contact us.

Our specialization is frozen poultry wholesalers. Our main customers are importers and buyers in the following food sectors: industry, wholesale, foodservice & retail. We deliver our frozen poultry meat to many countries. We ship worldwide from port St. Petersburg to any port. We deliver in quantities that suit your business. Wholesale frozen poultry food needed for your business? Please contact us with your requirements to receive a quote.

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