Customs clearance and terminal services

Only legal import/export schemes and operations

Customs formalities are confused and difficult to predict. Owing to our experience we are well aware that the term “usual supply” or “simple cargo” does not exist. Therefore, we use individual approach to every supply by our customers and we are ready to help with the most difficult matter concerning customs clearance. FIT GROUP provides services both to Russian and foreign clients, as well as individuals on customs clearance of import/export goods, mixed consignments, equipment and special facilities.

Main FIT GROUP services on customs clearance:

  • consultation in the sphere of customs legislation;
  • HCC code, estimation of customs charges/fees;
  • presentation of documents to the customs and customs clearance control;
  • coordination of decisions on customs clearance with St. Petersburg and Baltic customs;
  • assistance with receiving licensing documents and certificates necessary for arranging customs clearance.

In addition, FIT GROUP offers terminal services and intra port forwarding of your goods coming both on CIF basis and together with transport of goods.

Having received the request for forwarding cargo/container, our company will follow it on route until its arrival at the port of discharge, and then they arrange for documents circulation with the port and customs for the goods prompt delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

Main services by FIT GROUP on intra port logistics:

  • recalibration, transshipment, warehousing, cargo handling operations;
  • payment of rates and extra services of the port;
  • arrangement of customs, veterinary, quarantine and sanitation service examinations;
  • cargo insurance.

In cooperation with our firm you can be sure that you deal with a reliable company and experienced personnel.